Saturday, 2 July 2011

Success in webdesigning and development career

Dear friends,

I know many great web designers and developer who are skilled and experienced but don't get projects and working for smalls local companies for few thousand bugs. The reason behind this is their bad approach.
I am sharing you my experience which will boost your career.

1. Always negotiate:
Always ready to negotiate prize from your client. It will result in repeated projects from the same client which will secure your future. You will not believe but i worked even for $10 where most of the designers refuse to work on small projects.

2. Work according to your capacity:
Do not overload with work as this will result in bad relationship. You will not be able to satisfy every client at the same time.

3. Provide quality Services:
I don't charge extra bugs for few other small tasks for the sake of long term relationship. I do it free sometimes like minor changes and alteration but some designers do charge for even editing texts and images.

4. Provide revisions:
Some designers provide fixed number of revisions but really i do unlimited number of revisions till client's satisfaction. Because of this i establish strong relationship with my clients and they hire my services again and again.

5. Conversation:
Avoid telephonic conversation or voice chat. You should keep the written record of the messages sent by clients so that you should not miss any comments by them. Be available on messengers for fast communication to avoid delay.

6. Frequent updates:
Do send updates frequently to show them you are taking their project seriously. and if you are not able to work on any day, do let the client know so that he will not wait for the update on that day.

7. Respect Clients:
I do respect my clients and never refuse them for any kind of web related work.

8. Keep in contact:
I always send greeting messages and keep in contact with my clients to remind that i am available for them for any web related work.

9. Recommendation:
Tell your clients to recommend your service to others. But they will only do this when you satisfy them and make them happy with your work.

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