Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Responsibilities of designers and Employers

Have you ever thought what are the responsibilities of a designer and an employer on web designing projects?
I have done hundreds of designing projects but sometimes find extremely difficult to say the client was satisfied. Its not that i am not a good designer but the lack of understanding between the designer and employer cause the unsuccessful project. The key to success is that both the parties should understand, perform and follow their responsibilities.

Responsibility of a Designer
1. To make sure he understood the requirements in term of style, color combination, purpose etc, knows the deadline.
2. To follow instructions mentioned by the employer.
3. To provide number of revisions at-least four but i suggest unlimited number of revisions.
4. Maintaining same or better quality as compared to the reference site provided by the employer.
5. Providing reasonable number of choices to the employer.
6. Give suggestions if you think the employer is confused and not able to decide.
7. Be quick to send updates and keep the employer informed on the progress.

(If they don't do this they are not doing an acceptable level of work to fulfill the contract and they are defrauding the employer)

Responsibilities of an Employer
1. Asking for sample before choosing a designer.
2. To be specific and clear in his instructions in terms of style, color combination, content placement, images, resolution etc.
3. Try to provide wireframe or reference site to follow.
4. Try to avoid unnecessary revisions.
5. Reply quickly on the designer's queries.
6. Avoid telephonic conversation so that the designer may not forget any point and will have the written instructions.
7. Pay good for the good work.

(If the employer does not do this, the designer will have no way to know what is required and would not be able to filling employer's expectations)

We hope this is helpful to you. If you have any questions about this post, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thanks and all the best!

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