Friday, 15 July 2011

Why Choosing A Freelance Web Designer Is Better?

Unlike any other typical jobs, designing a website is a lot more complex and needs a lot of work. A lot of factors should be carefully considered and be given of much importance. First and foremost, it has to be unique, has a state of the art logo design, user and search engine crawler friendly, appropriate navigation and a lot more. If your primary goal is to achieve a genuine and gainful website, then you just have to be very vigilant and add extra attention to every inch of detail with regards to web designing. After all, it doesn't hurt for someone to be very careful.

Although nowadays, there are lots of web designing firms emerging from everywhere across the globe. Lots and lots of web designing tasks still needs to be given attention and even some are in a matter of haste. Many web designing firms often find themselves with no time to relax. They just get busier and busier every day. With such situation, web designing firms are deprived from the liberty of conducting a research before they start designing a website. With lots of tasks and deadlines to meet, these firms simply resort to fixed or common procedures in designing the websites for their clients. Therefore, it can't be helped to have almost similar websites in looks and structure. But you wouldn't want to just have typical website for your business, would you?

It has been discussed earlier that a website design has to be unique and that such factor is extremely vital in the outcome of your business. Just recently, the web design industry has just undergone a specific and major turning point - freelance web designers are now very much in demand. Though they also have the busiest of times, these freelancers are highly capable of coming up with unique web designs. They also have a vast understanding of different and specific market needs of various clients with their years of experience as their firm foundation. They are also very much knowledgeable when it comes to using the latest of graphics and major features for your site.

One of the main advantages of a freelancer from a web designing firm is that they are in full control of their own time and schedule. Thus, giving them the freedom in conducting research works on their clients to better understand the market needs of their clients and come up with a unique and much better web design. The freelancers' full dedication to their work can also be expected by their clients for the freelancers themselves must make their own mark in the web industry. Creativity is also one of the major rules of these designers which make their works stand out among the rest.

How to attract more customers and viewers? This is just one of the very questions that are always present in the minds of these freelancers upon designing various sites. With the use of the latest web 2 design styles, they are able to make their work a lot more creative than with the old school web design techniques. Web 2.0 designs have the natural power to attract more viewers thus, increasing the sales probability of the site. Web traffic is also a very important factor in increasing your site's ranking status. Web 2.0 design makes this very easy to achieve with its search engine optimized pages and user friendly factors.

This latest and unique web design provides the site an amiable and attractive appeal with more accessibility than the usual. These said factors are extremely important in catching the interest of lots of viewers in the over stiff competition in the web industry. With these, your site is able to provide enjoyment as well as satisfaction to the needs of the viewers which will then definitely be converted into sales for your featured products and services in your site.

But then of course, let us not forget on how much it will cost you to achieve such a unique and remarkable website. With various desired designs for your site, your planned budgets vary as well. In giant web designing firms, fixed prices are absolute and uncompromisable. Whereas, with a freelance web designer is very much affordable plus you get to negotiate with them for a little slash off the price. In addition, they oftentimes provide you with free extra special features which web designing firms are incapable of doing. At these times, it is important to be practical. Why pay extra when you can get more for less?

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Work from Home

The world of freelance jobs has been around for ages, but with the arrival of the Internet, the playing field has gotten so much bigger. Professionals can now provide services worldwide, and the projects just keep streaming in. When faced with the opportunity to work at home and do things they enjoy, or simply do pressure-free jobs and get paid more, there is no doubt that a person will leave his stressful job and annoying boss in a minute.

There are plenty of options for those who are looking into online freelance work. Depending on how serious you are about it, you can either go full-time or just use the freelance opportunities to earn money on the side. The best thing about this is that it is for everybody and anybody. Even students can work at home and earn extra money by doing freelance work. Going part-time is easy; you simply have to look for projects you think you can do and do it. Going full-time, however, can be a bit unnerving, especially if you are new to the concept. How much you earn and your success in the freelance field depends entirely on you – how you market the services you can provide, and how you provide services. Once you get started, and you provide services that your customers will definitely appreciate, the rest will be easy. Full-time freelancers can build a loyal client base if they provide quality services. This will ensure more projects and keep the cash coming in.

The freelance jobs online are aplenty. Full-time freelancers usually provide the services that they know best. Artists provide services such as web design, animation, photography, and the likes. Writers provide writing, re-writing, proofreading, and editing services. Teachers can also work at home and earn extra money just by providing tutorial services. Those who know different languages can also make use of them by offering translation services. These freelance jobs allow a professional to still stay on his chosen career track even as he leaves the office and works at home. Most freelancers also choose these jobs to further enhance their skills and give them a sense of fulfillment. Even if they work at home, don’t get to wear those power suits and get a carpeted corner office, they are still professionals offering professional services that maximize their expertise.

On the other hand, there are also some easier freelance jobs available to you when you work at home. There are a lot of companies who need temporary administrative work. In these instances, the companies don’t find it necessary to hire a full-time employee to do the job. Launching a full-fledged hiring stretch just to find a contractual employee will also take much time and effort that is unnecessary for just a short-term need. Because of this, companies are now looking for helping hands online. So now, you can work at home and do fairly easy, pressure-free jobs that will only take some time and effort. These jobs include data entry, transcription services, and virtual assistance.

When you choose to work at home, the opportunities are unimaginable. You can be assured that they won’t run out. Depending on how fast you work, and how serious you are about going freelance. You can get plenty of projects and even earn more than you can earn with a full-time office-based job. You can even work according to your own timeframe. There are plenty of people out there who may just be looking for the service that you can provide. It’s up to you to take advantage of the opportunities and maximize your time and abilities to work at home and earn extra money.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Responsibilities of designers and Employers

Have you ever thought what are the responsibilities of a designer and an employer on web designing projects?
I have done hundreds of designing projects but sometimes find extremely difficult to say the client was satisfied. Its not that i am not a good designer but the lack of understanding between the designer and employer cause the unsuccessful project. The key to success is that both the parties should understand, perform and follow their responsibilities.

Responsibility of a Designer
1. To make sure he understood the requirements in term of style, color combination, purpose etc, knows the deadline.
2. To follow instructions mentioned by the employer.
3. To provide number of revisions at-least four but i suggest unlimited number of revisions.
4. Maintaining same or better quality as compared to the reference site provided by the employer.
5. Providing reasonable number of choices to the employer.
6. Give suggestions if you think the employer is confused and not able to decide.
7. Be quick to send updates and keep the employer informed on the progress.

(If they don't do this they are not doing an acceptable level of work to fulfill the contract and they are defrauding the employer)

Responsibilities of an Employer
1. Asking for sample before choosing a designer.
2. To be specific and clear in his instructions in terms of style, color combination, content placement, images, resolution etc.
3. Try to provide wireframe or reference site to follow.
4. Try to avoid unnecessary revisions.
5. Reply quickly on the designer's queries.
6. Avoid telephonic conversation so that the designer may not forget any point and will have the written instructions.
7. Pay good for the good work.

(If the employer does not do this, the designer will have no way to know what is required and would not be able to filling employer's expectations)

We hope this is helpful to you. If you have any questions about this post, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thanks and all the best!

Web Designing - Best Practice

This post is dedicated to the beginners. First thing to create a website is to design a template in Photoshop (PSD file). Photoshop skills plays a vital role in web designing career. There are lots of tutorials found on the internet but i always suggest to learn photoshop on your own. Let me tell you how.

There are lots of websites which run contests related with web designing and logo designing. Simply register on these site as a designer, read the description of the project and start creating designs. If you think you created a design which may win the contest then submit it otherwise keep on practicing. This way you can develop your designing skills. Remember, practice makes a man perfect!

List of websites which run designing contests:


2. designcontest

3. Logomyway

So what are you waiting for? Register on the above sites and start practicing photoshop. A way to earn while you learn.



Here are few websites designed by me:












Hope you will like the designs.


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Monday, 4 July 2011

Search Engine's friendly websites

How to create Search Engine's friendly websites?

Its necessary for a web designer to have knowledge about the Search engine optimization to create search engine's friendly websites. On page optimization plays a vital role in search engines ranking. I am going to tell you what are the steps to create a search engines friendly website.

1. W3C validation:
Make sure the XHTML/CSS you code is of W3C standards. You can check the validation of your URL from Search engines can easily crawl your websites if your website's code is W3C validated.

2. Avoid FLASH:
Avoid using FLASH as its not search engines friendly nd it makes your site heavier to load on to the web browsers.

3. Use mata tags:
Always use Title tags, keywords, descriptions on your webpage. Also it is a good practice to provide these tags.

4. Use Heading tags:
Use H1 and H2 tags for headings.

5. Image tags:
Always use imageAlt tags and try to keep keywords on these tags.

6. Search engines friendly URL:
Make sure your URLs are short and contains keywords.

The above are the points which a designer should know.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Success in webdesigning and development career

Dear friends,

I know many great web designers and developer who are skilled and experienced but don't get projects and working for smalls local companies for few thousand bugs. The reason behind this is their bad approach.
I am sharing you my experience which will boost your career.

1. Always negotiate:
Always ready to negotiate prize from your client. It will result in repeated projects from the same client which will secure your future. You will not believe but i worked even for $10 where most of the designers refuse to work on small projects.

2. Work according to your capacity:
Do not overload with work as this will result in bad relationship. You will not be able to satisfy every client at the same time.

3. Provide quality Services:
I don't charge extra bugs for few other small tasks for the sake of long term relationship. I do it free sometimes like minor changes and alteration but some designers do charge for even editing texts and images.

4. Provide revisions:
Some designers provide fixed number of revisions but really i do unlimited number of revisions till client's satisfaction. Because of this i establish strong relationship with my clients and they hire my services again and again.

5. Conversation:
Avoid telephonic conversation or voice chat. You should keep the written record of the messages sent by clients so that you should not miss any comments by them. Be available on messengers for fast communication to avoid delay.

6. Frequent updates:
Do send updates frequently to show them you are taking their project seriously. and if you are not able to work on any day, do let the client know so that he will not wait for the update on that day.

7. Respect Clients:
I do respect my clients and never refuse them for any kind of web related work.

8. Keep in contact:
I always send greeting messages and keep in contact with my clients to remind that i am available for them for any web related work.

9. Recommendation:
Tell your clients to recommend your service to others. But they will only do this when you satisfy them and make them happy with your work.

Friday, 1 July 2011

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