Monday, 6 June 2011

How to become a successful web designer or developer

I have been in the industry for the past 10 years. And now i can say that i am a successful web designer.
I would like to share some of my thoughts according to my experience and would definitely help those who want to built career as a web designer or developer.

Steps to becoming a Freelancer Web Designer/Developer

1. Design a logo that can be easily identified.
(This is who you are from now on).

2. Design letterheads for your stationery, have them professionally printed.
(Order about 200).

3. Design a business card, again, have them professionally printed.
(Something memorable that reflects your logo).

4. Build contacts with other designers in your local area.
(They may pass you work, and vice versa).

5. Build contacts online with other designers.
(As above).

6. Register your new Domain Name.
(Be quick with this, don’t allow the pirates to buy it first!).

7. Get an excellent Web Host.
(Try to get a host with the best reputation and the most features. This is an expense that you should not spare).

8. Plan your Online Presence, and plan the Marketing for it.
(Were will I feature my work? Will I have my portfolio on my own site or will I have it on a Social Site).

9. Write out a proposal template for your potential clients.
(It will save you a lot of time later).

10. If your target is local business, have a look at the standard of web design in your area.
(Make sure you can match or super seed these standards).

11. If your target is Worldwide, register with as many Designer Listing sites as you can.
(Its all about exposure, making yourself available).

12. Design your portfolio/homepage and launch.
(Nothing to complicated, just appealing and accessible).

13. List all the services that you offer on your portfolio/homepage.
(Be Honest).

14. Post a letter (stating who you are and your services), with your business card, to some prominent businesses in your area.
(Get your name out there).

15. Speak to some local Newspapers, and enquire about the price of advertising.
(Cheaper isn’t always better).

16. Try advertising online.
(If you have the money, you could try this route).

17. Any inquiries you receive, be prompt with your replies.
(Be professional).

18. Decide whether you will charge hourly or by project.
(Maybe both).

19. Don’t set your prices too high nor too low.
(Too low makes you look desperate).

20. Register yourself on freelancing sites like vworker, guru, Elance etc.

21. Don’t take on too much work, too soon.
(You may rush projects, lowering the quality, thus your reputation).

22. Provide good services to the clients.
(If you make them happy, they may use your skills on other projects as well or they may refer you to other clients)

23. Keep in touch with your clients.
(while work in progress and after project's completion)

24. On the other hand try to enjoy your work and be CREATIVE.
(You will still have to work hard).

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